" I have a passion for dance and musical theatre. Now that my initial training is complete I would like to take my performance studies onto the next level and become an accomplished performer. Perhaps with your sponsorship I can realise this ambition and then help inspire other youngsters to do the same for themselves."

Welcome to my website

Hello, my name is John Aitken and I am an enthusiastic 18 year old performer from the Falkirk area in Scotland.

Using the tabs above you can view my journey since starting my performance training, right up to present day.  You can also see what I am planning to do as of next year to continue my training and what help I am needing from sponsors to help make this possible.


The next steps

Winning a scholarship at Cambridge

I am going to be studying at Bodywork Performing Arts in Cambridge for the next three years to achieve a National Diploma in Professional Dance & Musical Theatre.  After achieving my Diploma my aim is to perform in London's West End & then Broadway to gain experience. Having achieved this I plan to perform within the media via TV, Film & music videos. 

With all of this experience under my belt I believe I could also open my own performing arts school where I will encourage young people to follow their dreams and provide them with effective training so they can achieve those dreams themselves.

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